Tooth Extractions in Mechanicsburg, PA

In modern dentistry, the goal is to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. But, there are some situations, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, where extracting the tooth is the only option.

After a tooth is pulled, it is recommended that the tooth is replaced with either a dental implant-supported crown or a dental bridge. If a tooth is not replaced, it can cause the opposing tooth to super-erupt (essentially extending from its socket) and neighboring teeth may also drift out of place, leading to additional complications. (Note: this is not the case with wisdom teeth, which do not need to be replaced.)

Cases Where Extraction May Be Recommended

Before the Agate Dental team recommends a tooth extraction, we will explore all available options to save the tooth. The most common reasons why a tooth may be extracted include:

• Untreatable dental trauma

• Wisdom tooth complications

• Dental crowding

• Untreatable pulpitis

• Advanced tooth decay

Agate Dental handles most simple extractions. If you have a tooth that requires a complex extraction, we will most likely refer you to an oral surgeon.

Tooth Extractions in Mechanicsburg, PA - Agate Dental
Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Mechanicsburg, PA - Agate Dental

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Third molars, commonly referred to as “wisdom teeth,” are often pulled when a complication is present or anticipated. The most common reasons a wisdom tooth may need to be extracted include:

Impacted wisdom tooth. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it is unable to erupt properly due to neighboring hard structures, such as the second molar.

Overcrowding. Overcrowding occurs when a wisdom tooth is able to erupt, but it has the potential to damage the second molar. Also, overcrowding can make it difficult to brush and floss, leading to future complications. 

Presence of oral cyst. When a wisdom tooth fails to erupt properly, the sac around it can become infected, leading to the formation of an oral cyst. Cysts not only pose a risk to nearby tissues, but can lead to potentially fatal health complications.  

Before recommending the extraction of a wisdom tooth, we will take a series of X-rays and scans. We then use this data to recommend a treatment plan.

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